Professional Platform for Infrastructure Services

BusinessTriologie has comprehensive expertise for companies that want to set up a new business and need support in the area of infrastructure. A specific road map is drawn up for each enquiry, which clearly outlines the responsibilities on both sides. The discussed aspects and requirements, which correspond to German jurisdiction, are established in very close coordination with the client. 

Due to the requirements for new start-ups and existing companies, knowledge of the market is of great importance. Changes in legislation always require changes on a process-driven level. The various work packages are assigned with great care, and within the time limits defined by the client, to the areas of personnel management, finance, IT, contract management, vehicle fleet and management. 

Close coordination with the customer is required, as the framework conditions can change very quickly. BusinessTriologie always discusses the capacity situation so that cost savings and development are guaranteed and no further internal resources are tied up for the Customer. The high-quality standards of BusinessTriologie are ensured and continuously developed through comprehensive training measures. This applies not only to all infrastructural aspects, but also to knowledge of the equipment required for modern home office working, including all data protection requirements.

Case Studies – Selected Categories from our Catalogue of Experience

  • Cost Analysis and Expertise

    Every company that wants to establish and develop itself on the market with commitment and dedication needs a well-founded cost analysis and expertise to ensure that the project succeeds and the cost breakdown is also reliable. Liquidity planning is often under-prioritised and this frequently leads to undesirable developments. 

    Thanks to its many years of experience, BusinessTriologie was able to draw up a clear cost breakdown and a road map in close cooperation with the client for all infrastructural areas. For the client, this was the prerequisite for professional planning from the outset was a prerequisite for ensuring planning certainty. The overall result was so impressive that the client's expectations were notably exceeded.

  • Infrastructure Consultancy from A-Z

    Compliance with all infrastructural and regulatory requirements, which are the responsibility of founders and managing directors, is not only enshrined in legislation, but also requires comprehensive expertise for implementation in all areas of a company. 

    With trained and experienced personnel, BusinessTriologie was able to support a company from day one of its foundation and thus ensure consultation on the A to Z of infrastructure. The knowledge of legal changes and requirements was gained through external and internal training and ensured for employees and management. This cooperation has continued for many years, with Triologie still the infrastructure partner of choice for this client today.

  • Information Technology and Data Protection

    Attacks on IT infrastructure have become more sophisticated, targeted and frequent. Companies are exposed to this risk on a daily basis. 

    The BusinessTriology utilised innovative mechanisms to protect against threats from the Internet. Immediate support in the design and implementation of security measures was contractually guaranteed. The ongoing monitoring of the threat situation and the continuous adaptation of the company's own strategy for defence against potential cyber threats was crucial in preventing the entire server landscape from being paralysed. As an additional service, BusinessTriologie was able to manage, take responsibility for and monitor all necessary tasks in the area of data protection.

  • Financial Management - from 1st Invoice to annual Accounts

    Support for start-ups in the financial sector is crucial as it can significantly influence the success and sustainability of a new business in its specialised discipline. The financial sector is highly regulated and compliance with legal requirements and regulations is crucial. 

    For this reason, a co-operation agreement was signed to enable the client to work with experienced experts from BusinessTriology across a broad spectrum of financial services. Important aspects of the provided support included but was not limited  to liquidity management, accounts payable and receivable accounting, tax management, financial reporting, valuations and risk management. Qualified technical expertise, careful planning and the ability to optimise the financial health and performance of the company complemented the portfolio in this collaboration.

  • IT-Support / Hardware & Customer Support

    Professional support in the field of information technology (IT), from planning to realisation, must be taken into account from the very beginning of any new business. In this context, software/hardware and the necessary customer support must be ensured. 

    BusinessTriologie has been responsible for various subtasks or overall concepts over the last 12 years. Support with the purchase of hardware/software, support/maintenance of the IT landscape, customer support (on site or via remote maintenance), consulting or further development of the existing IT based on the market situation were implemented in line with the requirements of the client. Several IT inspections without major or critical findings emphasise the high quality standards of the BusinessTriologie’s IT support.

  • HR Responsibility - from Scouting to Health Care Management

    Human Resources (HR) tasks may be distributed differently across departments or teams depending on the size and structure of the organisation, but they are crucial to the success and sustainability of a company. Effective coordination and alignment of these tasks with the company's own objectives are of great importance. 

    This sensitive area was handed over to BusinessTriology as part of a structured agreement for a period of several years. The scouting of suitable potential employees and onboarding relied strongly on BusinessTriologie's experience. A complex implementation plan was successfully developed and realised for the areas of personnel development, salary management, employee management, support, motivation, database creation/maintenance and health care management.

  • Contract Management/Insurances

    The preparation of contracts and insurance policies in a company is of great importance in order to protect legal and financial interests and to safeguard the company against unforeseen risks from day 1. 

    In this context, BusinessTriology ensured that contracts were carefully drafted, customised to the client's requirements and that all contracts were checked for legal certainty. Shareholder agreements, confidentiality agreements, client contracts, master service agreements, leasing contracts, service contracts and insurance policies were drawn up competently within the specified time-frame and executed after approval by the client. The positive feedback and gratitude from the client were a source of motivation for the entire Triologie team.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is known to be a constantly evolving field and a wide range of strategies can be initiated. However, professional support is necessary in order to define the strategies which deliver the greatest effectiveness and visibility for the company while remaining within the defined marketing budget. 

    BusinessTriologie was able to act as a competent and fair partner within the scope of its responsibility for various companies. A clear catalogue of tasks defined which measures could be carried out, in what period of time and at what frequency. BusinessTriologie also took on responsibility for areas assigned by specialised service companies. Tasks such as logo development, creation of an internet presence, ensuring corporate identity from the stationery template to the design of a trade fair stand were all carried out with great enthusiasm and commitment. BusinessTriologie maintained constant focus on the client's wishes and coordinated closely with the client on all marketing decisions.

  • Legal Support

    Legal support is crucial to protect a company from legal problems that can arise from the complexity of the various laws and the constantly changing legal framework. Professional legal advice helps to avoid or successfully manage legal disputes and ensure compliance with the law. 

    In this context, BusinessTriologie provides selective support in defined sub-aspects and in direct cooperation with lawyers or law firms. Legal advisors with extensive expertise were of great importance at international level. In addition to issues such as double taxation agreements (Certificate of Residence), BusinessTriologie was required to provide legal support in the preparation of a Statement of Beneficial Owner.