About us

Trust-based cooperation

In accordance with this guiding principle, we prioritize delivering customer projects with a holistic approach - from professional start-up structure support to strategic consulting: We provide turn-key solutions for you.

Who we are

We are an association of specialized companies in the field of clinical development with expertise at the most advanced level, and we have been providing our services and solutions since 2011. We are a remarkable team of professionals, driven by our values and committed to excellence. With streamlined hierarchies and a commitment to the highest quality standards and adherence to deadlines, we are your trusted partner in the field of clinical development.

What we do

We represent tailor-made and customized solutions with a high standard of excellence quality to ensure you get the best approach of your required support.

Our Promise

We stand by our commitment to deliver quality and reliability. Your satisfaction is our priority and our goal, and we ensure it every step of the way.

Our Mentality

Innovation and customer-centricity drive our approach. We continuously improve and adapt, fostering an agile mindset to meet your expectations.


BusinessTriologie considers its services to be a professional platform for infrastructure services. When new Biotech companies are founded and it is necessary to establish the infrastructural departments, such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Contract Management, Legal, in addition to the operational tasks, BusinessTriologie can take comprehensive responsibility for these tasks and thus provide competent expertise to support a clinical development team. These services also apply to already established companies in the clinical development field. BusinessTriologie can provide efficient, professional, and cost-effective solutions in compliance with legal requirements.


InnovationTriologie represents Knowledge Management by Excellence for the Biotech and Pharma industry and focuses on process optimization and quality improvement. With its broad range of experience, expertise and regulatory know-how, the company offers your project team immediate and continuous support at an operational level. Project Coaching complements the company's portfolio. Professional consulting and exclusive seminars on various core topics are offered especially for trial teams, management and executives - in this case across all training areas needed for Clinical Trials from ICH/GCP up to national and international laws and requirements.


OutsourcingTriologie is your navigator for the identification, selection and implementation of flexible outsourcing solutions. We develop tailor-made strategies to strengthen your performance capabilities and offer support for outsourcing activities in clinical research and development programs. OutsourcingTriologie’s excellent knowledge of the market is a core element in order to increase cost-effectiveness and cost efficiency at project or program level and to identify the right partners - from clinical research organization to special lab service providers. OutsourcingTriologie develops customized outsourcing strategies to improve your organizational performance and therefore meet time and cost pressures with professionalism.